Review of Fates by Lanie Bross

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February 11, 2014 by mmileti

Fates is a young adult Urban Fantasy/ Sci-Fi crossover. It is a fantastical twist on the boy meets girl story that manages to avoid being cliche. Fans of Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles will feel at home with this book, as the tone and genre of those novels are very similar to it.
The book switches between two different points of view. The first is that of Corinthe, a Fate who has been stranded on Earth. She has been banished from a different reality, and it is now her job to make sure that everything happens that was meant to. She helps people fall in love, have children, get a different job, or even to die if it is demanded of her. Her life changes forever when she is told she only has a few more jobs to do before her exile is rescinded and she gets to go home. Her last job is to guide someone to their death, but this time the death will be by her own hand.
The book’s second point of view is from Lucas, a teenager living in San Francisco. He has a pretty average life until one day his sister goes missing. While looking for her he is accosted by a familiar girl with a knife, and he can’t fathom why she is trying to kill him. Corinthe and Lucas end up traveling through a variety of different dimensions in a wild journey. They find that their fates are entwined, and despite their attraction to each other they soon realize that only one of them will come out of their journey alive.
This was an enjoyable read, and I think that it is particularly fitting for a YA audience. It was pretty average when it came to setting and imagination but it contained a bit more depth than the typical teenage star-crossed lovers story. The writing was good, and their was a depth to the characters that surprised me. I also found the plot to be unpredictable at times, and it had a very fitting ending. It is also set up so the story could possibly continue in other novels and I would be interested to read more from this novel in the future.
Overall I would rate this book a 7/10.
I received a copy of this book from Netgalley and the publisher in return for an honest review.


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