Review of Soul Meaning by A.D. Starrling


February 18, 2014 by mmileti


Soul Meaning is a paranormal thriller that feels more like an action movie than an urban fantasy. In fact, I would be hesitant to classify this novel as fantasy, even though the main character and many of the secondary characters are immortals.
The story is from the point of view of Lucas Soul, an immortal who is a half-breed between the two different types of immortals. He is the product of ill-fated star-crossed lovers, and this has somehow given him powers that are slightly superior to that of regular mortals. He is also incredibly well learned, highly skilled, and extremely rich. All immortals are given only 17 deaths, and as the this story begins as Lucas dies for the 15th and 16th time. He and his mortal friend Reid are being hunted by immortal assassins and they flee from the east coast of the U.S. to Europe in search of an answer to a mystery that may explain the sudden targets on their backs, and will also hopefully be able to save both their lives.
I can say with some confidence that this is the most fast-paced and action packed novel that I have ever read. The first half of the book is virtually all close getaways and gunfights, and even though the plot slows down a little bit in the book’s second half, I still felt like there was too much plot and not enough character development. I tend to enjoy books with a slower paced plot, so I am sure that this book will appeal to those that love action packed novel, and perhaps even fans of crime thrillers like those written by James Patterson.
As for the quality if the author’s writing, I thought it was pretty good. Even though this novel is not filled with beautiful or lyrical prose, it does have good dialogue between its characters. Also, it seems like the author did her research rather well, from making sure her writing was historically accurate, to the function of a variety of different weapons.
Overall, I would rate this book a 6.5/10 because it was not my kind of novel. This book does have potential though, and I am sure a lot of people will love it. If you do read and enjoy this novel, it is only the first of a series, and I think you will have a lot more to look forward to from this author.
I received a copy of this book from Netgalley and the publisher in return for an honest review.


One thought on “Review of Soul Meaning by A.D. Starrling

  1. Sounds like a mediocre book all around. BUT, does make me wonder what my most action packed book of all time is. Going to have to mull this over, thanks for an interesting question!

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